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Registering A Death


  • Stockport - (appointment necessary) The Register Office,  Town Hall, John Street Entrance, Stockport. SK1 3XE   Tel: 0161 217 6007
  • Manchester - (appointment necessary) Heron House, 47 Lloyd Street, Manchester, M2 5LE   Tel: 0161 234 5050
  • Sale (Trafford Area) - (appointment necessary) Trafford Register Office, Sale Town Hall, Sale Waterside, Sale, M33 7ZF   Tel: 0161 912 3025
  • Macclesfield - (open 9am - 4pm) Town Hall Extension, Market Place, Macclesfield, SK10 1EA   Tel: 0300 123 5019
  • Tameside - (appointment necessary) The Register Office, Dukinfield Town Hall, King Street, Dukinfield, SK16 4LA   Tel: 0161 330 1197



Before attending the Registrar, you will need to obtain a certificate from the Doctor who attended the deceased during their last illness. This doctor may be a normal GP or a Hospital Doctor. If the death was in a Hospital or Hospice, you may also be given a release form that is required by ourselves.

The death must normally be registered in the area where it occurred, not the area of residence. Some Registrars require an appointment, we can advise you on this. If the death occured at a distance it is possible to register by declaration but this can take some time.

Once the death has been registered the Registrar will issue you with:

  • A certificate for Burial or Cremation (known as the Green Form, which you will need to hand to us).
  • A certificate for Registration of Death - which is for use when the deceased was in receipt of benefits from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) or where adjustments are required to benefits claimed by the next of kin.
  • Death certificates, which you may need for probate or other purposes. A fee is payable for these.


Who Can Register

When the death occurrs in a hospital, nursing home or at home, a relative of the deceased may register the death.

If there are no relatives the death may be registered by:

  • Someone who was present at the death.
  • The occupier of the building where the death occurred (e.g. the matron of a nursing home).
  • Anyone living in the building where the death occurred, if they have knowledge of the required particulars.
  • The person accepting responsibility for making the funeral arrangements.
Additionally, if the person has been found dead out of doors the death may also be registered by:
  • A person present at death.
  • The person who found the body.
  • The person in charge of the body.


Information Required by the Registrar

  • the date and place of death.
  • the usual address
  • the full name, sex and where appropriate the maiden name.
  • the date and place of birth.
  • the last full-time occupation and whether they were retired at the time of death (in the case of a married woman the name and occupation of her husband or late husband).
  • marital status (if the deceased was married the date of birth of the surviving spouse).
  • if the deceased was in receipt of a pension or allowance
  • NHS number

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